Door to Door Delivery Service

Amongst ever changing marketing strategies, Door to Door service has become one of the most effective marketing methods at present. Many companies use Door to Door marketing methods to sell their products. Meanwhile, Door to Door shipping gives attractive benefits for the customers. On the other hand, Online Shops which are operating in thousands today seek services for Door to Door delivery services.

Misa Smart Logistics is one of the most sought after Door to Door service providers in Sri Lanka. Our clients include small, medium, and large companies, prominent individuals and online shops. Intermediary services such as providing all the export and import documentations, arranging shipments with airlines and shipping lines, providing warehouse facilities, storing, labelling, sorting and delivering to airports and harbours are other specialized services of Misa Smart Logistics

With the Misa Smart Logistics Door to Door Service, your customers do not have to worry about necessary arrangements of shipping and deliveries since Misa Smart Logistics carries out A to Z of the process. We have close relationships with international courier services, shipping lines and airlines. Therefore, we can arrange freight spaces, air courier agents, customs brokers, and deliver shipments to the required destination on time.

To make life easier, our end-to-end tracking system of cutting edge technology will equip you and your recipients to have full visibility on the status of your packages, enabling you to track and reconcile faster than ever. Misa Smart Logistics is your best choice not only because of its efficiency and transparency but also because it is highly cost-effective, as we leverage our network to your best advantage at all times.

Let us take the responsibility of business deliveries off your hands so that you can focus on more important things while we make sure what sent goes where you want it with 100% accuracy and on-time.


Our Clients