Pet Relocation

Misa Smart Logistics are specialists in transporting pets safely around the world. With Misa Smart Logistics you can be rest assured that you’re dealing with one of the most established pet transporters in the world.

We understand that your pets and animals are precious cargo. We have extensive knowledge and love for animals, which mean we go the extra mile for our clients and their furry, feathered or finned family members. Arranging pet relocation requires far more than just experience, which is why the Misa Smart Logistics team are passionate, dedicated and considerate; qualities that separate us from the rest.

We appreciate that relocating your pets can be stressful and worrying. This is why we take the time to listen to your needs and discuss your concerns. We will provide you with complete guidance and support, giving you the confidence and reassurance you need. Our friendly and efficient team of pet shipping experts are there for you and your pet whole heartedly, ensuring a safe, smooth and stress-free journey for all.

Pet travel is often a complex business with many elements required in order to safely and legally relocate your pet. As a result we offer a broad range of pet transport services. Some of our most popular services are listed below, though if you are seeking a service not listed then please feel free to get in touch. As experts in our field we are able to fulfil most requests in order to help you transport your pet safely.

Land Transport – Our pet courier services can collect your pet from your home before travel and deliver him or her to the relevant animal reception centre. For incoming pets we can safely transport your pet from the airport to your home.

Long – Distance Ground Transport – Some more sensitive pets are better transported by land rather than on a plane. As a result our pet transport services can travel long-distance with your pet in our specialist air-conditioned vehicles.

Pet Flights – Most pets travel in an air-conditioned and pressurized cargo hold of their own. We can advise on all pet flights or arrange these on your behalf. In many cases it is also possible for you to travel on the same plane as your pet. In such circumstances we can advise on this process.

Application of Import Permits – Paperwork is one of the most complex aspects of travelling with pets. As a result one of the most popular pet transport services we offer means our highly experienced team will arrange for all the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

Application of CITES Paperwork – For individuals transporting endangered species covered by CITES such as some reptiles (tortoises for example), mammals and birds (many parrot species for example) we can help you gather the necessary permits for export/import.

Application and Completion of DEFRA Export Health Certificates – In almost every case an animal must be verified as safe to travel before an airline or pet courier service will accept it. We have connections with a number of trusted veterinarians and are happy to arrange these certificates for your pet.

Customs Clearance (all destinations) – Negotiating Customs in some countries can take time.

IATA Approved Travel Kennels – For obvious reasons many of our airline partners are very specific about the type of travel carriers they will accept – not to mention the required dimensions. We are able to provide a suitable travel kennel for your pet and even deliver it to your home in advance of travel allowing your pet to become familiar with it.

Calming Sprays – Whilst most vets recommend against the use of drugs before travel (to avoid stomach upsets) the use of herbal calming sprays can be particularly beneficial. These help to gently and naturally soothe your pet, making transport more pleasant.


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