Secure Storage

Whether you’re looking for personal or commercial storage, for a short time or long-term, we can match you with a solution that ticks all the boxes.

Whether your organization is managing hard records back-up, scanned images, regulated content, computer-generated documents, large document volumes or complex file formats, the smooth and efficient flow of business documents is critical for success. Delivering the right information to the right individual at the right time is the fundamental step for completing business transactions, fulfilling government audits, satisfying customers and making sound business decisions in a timely manner. Our storage solutions are the perfect way to keep your possessions safe during a house move, while you are between properties, and while you are renovating. We also have great storage solutions if you’re moving abroad, or even for the storage of seasonal items.

Our features include:

24 hour security: 24 hour video surveillance and on-site security personnel assure the safety of your belongings.

Flood free: Built 2 meters above street level for flood control.

Double lock system: Restrict access to your storage space to a registered key owner and us.

Biometrics: Control access to your belongings with fingerprint authentication for storers and registered users.

Hard data storage

Soft data storage

Digitization and Archival

Retrieval: We work with our customers to create a warehouse and retrieval strategy that is aligned to their particular processes and thus ensures efficient and uninterrupted retrieval.


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