Moving into your new home...

Take your home with you...

Where you go, they go...


Moving into your new home...

Take your home with you...

Where you go,they go...


Domestic Relocation

Leave your old home with ease knowing that our team will handle your belongings with care on the way to your new home.

From packing to unpacking, Misa will be there for every step of your homecoming.

International Relocation

Misa takes every decision with your best interest in mind, making your migration as easy as possible.

From packing up your belongings and taking them safely across oceans to your new home, Misa’s services will make crossing borders less cumbersome.

Pet Relocation

There’s no need to add leaving your best friend behind to the already overwhelming stress that comes with migrating.

With our team of trustworthy professionals, we’ll ensure that ALL of your family gets to your new home safely in a calm, anxiety-free environment.

Secure Storage

There’s a time and a place for everything, and you may have belongings that don’t fit in them.

The solution; put them in our care, and we’ll keep them exactly the way you left them for when you come back.

Office Assets Moving

With the increase in globalisation and technological advancement, office moving is quite common these days. Often seen as a daunting task, office moving if planned properly can be carried out smoothly. Misa Smart Logistics offers customised office moving services for a seamless relocation of office assets and business continuity.

Dedicated Move Managers

A member of our team will keep you updated on all that’s happening- helping you through the big changes.

From overlooking the safe passage of your belongings to keeping track of them, our Dedicated Move Manager will take over, and give you nothing to worry about.