MISA provides total logistics solutions for international movements (inward & outward), and specialize in both air & ocean freights, and work with a dedicated staff to meet the specific needs of all domestic and international customers. 

Our ultimate objective is to be the best choice of the customers who are looking for quality tailor-made solutions for transport requirements in a cost-effective manner.

Ocean Freight

Simple and Affordable

Transport your goods through the ocean by ship in the safety of cargo containers, which will be picked up by our vessels at the port and carried to your destination country by our shipping agents.

Air Freight

Fast & Efficient

Transport your goods via air freight- the fastest way to transport your goods internationally with high reliability and security, ensuring that your cargo gets to its destination country safely.

Local Delivery & Pick Up Service

Reliable Delivery

We’ll handle the transportation of all your goods with our local delivery and pickup services, putting your belongings into the trustworthy hands of our team during their short relocation. From packing to unpacking, our team will be of assistance.

Customs Clearance & Delivery

Hassle Free Delivery

Avoid the trouble of having to deal with the complexities and inconsistencies of customs, and allow one of our experienced team members to handle it instead- thus allowing you to receive or send your goods in a cost-effective, and hassle-free manner.

Door to Door Delivery Service

Reliable Transportation

We’ll pick up your goods for you and handle all the paperwork needed to get it across to the other side, where we will again have members of our team waiting to personally deliver your goods to its destination.

Value-Added Services

Professional Assistance

Avoid the burden of having to do the extra work, and let our team of specialists take it for you- from handling pick up and delivery to consulting import/export procedures, receiving follow-ups and status updates and receiving approval from the relevant authorities, our services will ensure hassle-free transportation.


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